Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I just finished my 17th year of teaching, so my first year of teaching was quite a while ago. I know I was young, and I was excited to be starting out as a teacher. I was sure I was going to make a difference in the lives of so many students. Ha, Ha, Ha. I was young and naive. 

The year I started in my school district about half of us were first year teachers, so my mentor teacher was on her second year (and in a completely different part of the building.) The sweet, amazing principal that hired me for my first job passed away that summer, and I was never able to work with her. We went through 2 part-time principals that first year. So my co-workers and I figured things out on our own. It wasn't easy, but we found our way. 

I remember during my first year I planned out a fancy science experiment for one of my first observations. The experiment turned out to be a total mess, and it didn't go as planned. #rookiemistake 

Setting up the Classroom Requires lots of Help!

It's a little dark, but this was my first classroom.

I've been very blessed to work in an amazing school with wonderful people. I love my job! I don't remember a whole lot about my first year, but those "kids" that I taught are all adults now. I've heard about some of the amazing things that they are doing now, and hopefully I was a small part of what brought them to where they are today. 

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