Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Teacher Tidbit Tuesday: Favorite Instagrammers

Instagram has been an amazing source for teacher inspiration for me in the last few years. I love seeing what other teachers are doing in their classrooms, and then tweaking it to make it work for me. I think it is important to remember that teaching is all about collaboration and sharing, it is NOT a competition! We are all after the same goal: What is best for children. I hope that when teachers look at my IG page they find a source they can use to get some new ideas for their own classroom. I love the Teacher Instagram community, and I hope all teachers use it as a positive source for inspiration!

There are so many amazing teachers on Instagram, but here are a few (other than my blog co-hosts) that I love to follow!

Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching was one of the first teachers that I started following on Instagram. Joanne has more creative ideas than any teacher I have ever met! She loves to have fun in her classroom, and she is constantly sharing great ways to motivate students.   

One of my favorite ideas from Joanne is her theme board. After she shares a book with her class, she has her students discuss the book's theme. After they decide on a theme, she posts the cover of the book underneath the theme topic. This way they can refer back to the books they've shared together all year long. I started doing this with my students, and I love it! It makes an incredible difference in the students understanding of theme, and it gives us so many common texts to refer to during classroom discussions. 

Michelle from Apples and ABC's is another one of my favorite teachers to follow on IG. She co-teaches 4th grade with her teacher-friend, Layla. (What an amazing opportunity for any teacher-mom! I'd love it if my school district allowed that!) Her IG stories always make me smile, and I love following along with her on Instagram!

Michelle has an awesome eye for design. She makes some of the most adorable bulletin boards and classroom decor items that I've ever seen! I've used some of her bulletin boards in my classroom, and I always receive so many compliments on them! 

Josie from Maniacs in the Middle is just so much fun to follow on Instagram! She is always laughing and having fun while doing her job! Her young, fresh energy in the classroom is so contagious. You can tell she truly loves her job! 

Josie's playlists on Spotify have been my go-to for classroom use this year. I know she will have classroom appropriate songs that I can play for my students while they are working. I love that she has taken the time to make several different playlists that I can use for a variety of purposes. 

Courtney from Ramona Recommends is a fifth grade teacher that loves using picture books in her classroom. She has an incredible collection of picture books that would make any reading teacher jealous! I think picture books are such amazing resources for upper grade teachers. Picture books allow us to share an entire story in a single lesson. They can be used in so many ways for instruction. 

Courtney is always sharing new book recommendations, and ways to use the books in your classroom. Whenever I need an idea for a picture book to use in my classroom, I turn to Courtney's Instagram page for inspiration! 

Jill from Hello Fifth is another fifth grade teacher that I love following along with on Instagram. She has so many great ideas for classroom instruction. I love when she shares something she's been doing in her classroom that I can turn around and implement in my own classroom. She's adorable, fun, and full of great teaching ideas!

I love this board that Jill created in her classroom for interactive sentence studies! This is sitting in my TpT cart right now just waiting for the BTS sale. Students love getting out of their seats and being an active part of their learning! I think this board will be such an incredible resource to have in my classroom. 

I thank these girls and all the other Teacher Instagrammers out there for always sharing your ideas with us. I'm so happy to have this community as a resource for my classroom. 


Don't forget to join us for #teachertidbittuesday again next week as we discuss how to plan out your classroom design!

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